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Legacy Consultants LLC Agents

William E. Thurman


Lead Consultant


  Bill Thurman was born and raised in Ohio and has nine children and eight grandchildren.  Bill built his wealth preservation practice over the last 30 years.  Early in his career, Bill made the decision to specialize in working with post and pre-retirees.

   He is a national/international speaker, conducting workshops and seminars for post and pre-retirees.  His workshops address the special areas of tax free retirement faced by post and pre-retirees.

   Bill has authored and co-authored books and seminars structured around tax free retirement in the financial arena.(The Babe Ruth Bucket Series).

   Bill's other endeavors include training other financial professionals the processes and procedures of tax free retirement.

   He currently runs a sole proprietorship called The Liam Group, a network of CPA's, attorneys, accountants, brokers, insurance agents and bankers, which help direct post and pre-retirees with retirement strategies.

   Bill enjoys a number of activities and hobbies such as golf, spending time with his family, coaching youth football and running the non-profit foundation he started 30 years ago, The Making the Difference Foundation. The foundation participates in many projects including 100 Turkeys for Thanksgiving, 1000 Toys for Christmas, Chinese Mission, Houses for Honduras.  100% of all proceeds are exhausted on each endeavor.


***Mr. Thurman neither sells nor solicits any product.

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