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7702 Retirement Plan

In today’s world, a great way to protect yourself is to have Tax-Free savings.

Qualified Savings & retirement plans:

403(b), 457, 401(k), IRA, SEP IRA are NOT TAX FREE!)

A plan for 100% Tax-free income for retirement or any other purpose is available and IRS approved.

Did you know there is an IRS approved Savings Plan that allows all income to be taken totally Tax-Free? ( it’s not a Roth)

It’s an IRS 7702(a) Private Plan.

The IRS 7702(a) Private Plan is a retirement savings plan

This plan is IRS approved IRS Code Title 26 Section 7702 (a).

The plan will allow:

•     Totally tax-free income

•     Low, flat administrative fees

•     Protection of principal and earnings from stock market loss, guaranteed

•     Flexible contributions

•     Option to add free “long term care”

This plan is not a Roth, though it is often referred to as a Super-Roth.

It is many times better than any “qualified” savings plan including

IRA, SEP  IRA,  Keogh, 403(B), 457 or 401(k).

This is a unique plan giving your retirement savings safety and market returns on a tax-free basis. There are no

contribution limits, no early IRS withdrawal penalties, no withdrawal requirements and no employer oversight.

You may be asking “why has no one told me about this before?”

The short answer is that 95% of advisors don’t know about this program even though it has been around for 100 years, and in

its “modern” form for the past  25 years. Another reason is – quite frankly – it is easier to “sell” you a familiar

qualified plan than a “new” concept that may seem difficult to explain.  Yet this plan is not a difficult plan to understand

– it is just different than what you’ve been previously told.


Taxes are only going one way . . . . UP!


“The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t change every time that Congress meets.”        Will Rogers


Did you know that in May 2007 Congress Raised Taxes?

In May of 2007 both houses of Congress voted to allow the Bush Tax Cuts to expire in 2010.

Meaning, your taxes WILL be going up!

They just haven’t told you yet.

“A majority of retirees said their biggest mistake in planning for life after work was failing to invest in TAX FREE


Don’t be a victim of the deferred tax traps which are your qualified retirement plans – 401k, 403b, IRA, SEP IRA, 457  . . .


Is it better to pay tax on the seed or the harvest?

Many Baby Boomers are having trouble planning for retirement. Most have almost no savings.

Current qualified retirement plans are a failure and time is running out.

A Private Plan 7702(a) may be the Last Chance for Retirement.


Click HERE to read about the Advantages of a 7702 Plan

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