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7702 Plan Advantages

Advantages of a 7702(a) Private Plan:

• Income is totally tax-free

• Low administration fees won’t impact your income or principal

• Your principal is guaranteed safe

• Your principal, sheltered from market losses, can remain in growth funds to earn higher returns

• No loss to principal allows a 7% safe annual withdrawal rate (instead of the standard 4% rate)

The Private Plan for retirement delivers at least three times more spendable retirement income than a defined qualified plan

under identical conditions.


In addition there is:

• Contribution flexibility — no arbitrary limits and the option to skip contributions

and catch up when you want to

• Income that won’t increase taxes on your social security benefits

• The ability to use your accumulated principal as loan collateral

• A larger tax-free inheritance for your estate and an option for free “long term care”

Un-Qualified Plans:

Conventional retirement planning can’t succeed.                                                                              


Current Retirement Savings Plans are a Failure and a Tax Nightmare in the Future.

It has been mathematically proven to be impossible to replace income for retirement using conventional qualified plans

(401k, IRA… etc) due to:

Taxes, Investment Losses, Contribution Limits, and High Fees

Spendable income from conventional qualified planning is substantially  reduced due to the following “Three Negatives”:   

# 1 .  Income from most defined-contribution plans is subject to Ordinary Income Tax           (Federal and State), reducing

spendable income by an average of 35%.   

# 2 .  Accumulated savings are not protected from investment losses and one bad market can wipe out a lifetime of savings.   

# 3 .  In good times or bad, high administration fees are deducted, reducing spendable income by an average of 25%.   

These “un-qualified” plans leave the retiree at risk of devastating losses.

These plans do not guarantee a secure retirement.

There is a positive alternative to conventional qualified planning.

Oh, by the way;

We offer private IRA/401k alternatives averaging 6-8% compounding tax-free,

Zero annual market risk, by insured guarantee,

Total costs are under half of 401k’s,

This includes life insurance at no extra cost, with the most powerful tax free living benefit and surpasses traditional planning and government plans.

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