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IUL/GUL vs. Qualified Plans

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Is Dave Ramsey Mistaken?

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IUL & GUL are two innovative products that are not necessarily new, but have seemingly just arrived.  As a result, many prospective customers are not familiar with how it works or what it can achieve on their behalf.  As with presenting any other insurance products, the most effective way to introduce IUL’s & GUL’s to customers is to ask them first to articulate their financial needs and then describe how various IUL & GUL features address those needs.

More than 70 million members of the Baby Boom generation are expected to transition into retirement in the next decade and many of them will have retirement income concerns. We believe a large number of these individuals will be attracted to IUL’s & GUL’s ability to lock-in enhanced index gains in a tax favorable manner, without the level of volatility associated with variable products as well as the tax free benefits provided by the IUL & GUL products.

See What Time Magazine Had to Say About the 401(k)

(click image below to read article.  Cover image and article © Time Magazine.)

Your 401k would be a VERY expensive credit card

  In a 2006 report on 401 (k) fees, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) concluded that such charges (fees) could "Significantly decrease retirement savings."


(Source: Government Accountability Office;

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